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Berry Cheesy Valentine

Berry Cheesy Valentine

Valentine’s Day has long been associated with chocolate and sweets. Have you ever wondered why? And why is February the month of romance? Is it because of Valentine’s Day falling in the middle of the month? Who was St. Valentine’s? 

There are many stories as to why valentine’s and romance are interchangeable.  The Catholic Church has various saints named Valentine. At least three have been martyred. One of the ancient legends describes Saint Valentine as a priest in the third century in Rome. The Emperor during those times had decided that married men and men with families do not make good soldiers, therefore he banned marriage for the soldiers. The young priest decided that there is an injustice in this law and secretly married young soldiers to their loved ones. When he was betrayed, the emperor ordered him to be killed.  When the priest was martyred and inducted into sainthood, Saint Valentine was forever associated with romance.

What a wonderful way to celebrate your sweetheart with a piece of sweet! I created this recipe for all those that prefer a non-chocolate sweet. It is a very easy recipe made with berries and cream cheese and does not need to be baked. So enjoy!


6 cups of fresh mixed berries, washed and cleaned.

8 ounces of cream cheese

1 cup of sugar

2 tablespoons unflavored gelatin

½ cup of hot water

Put the cleaned berries in a food processor and puree. Add the sugar and the cream cheese and puree until smooth. Meanwhile, mix the gelatin with the hot water until dissolved and add to the berry mixture and mix well. Put it in a mold and freeze for at least 4 hours. Unmold and serve.

Happy Valentine’ Day!

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